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Act or the regulations; and a deadline for remedial action. Automatic vehicles should mvr. We have a positive team culture based on our core values of Safety, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation and we provide our employees with a safe and friendly work environment. Dangerous goods driver and vehicle licences are valid for no more than five years. What is a domestic commercial vessel?

Diet and exerciseexercise to maintain overall good health. Create a career to be proud of. It is also a good way for experienced drivers drive in the Northern Territory. Requirements for people transporting dangerous goods on Northern Territory. Under certain circumstances permits of exemption from the above requirements may be granted.

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If this happened, would you operate your business differently? Alcohol and drug offences. Tips on managing driver fatigue. Move the tractor ahead slowly until the fifth wheel completely clears the trailer. When more than one direction is shown, you can go in the direction of either arrow. Below is a general guide which hopefully will fast track your research and understanding of the regulations that govern the safe and regulation compliant transportation of used lead acid batteries. An authorised officer must not authorise a person to move a vehicle in accordance with this section unless the officer believes on reasonable grounds that the person is qualified and fit to do so. Stop and visually check that the pintle eye is free of the pintle hook.

The service brake should be used under all normal conditions. Thank you for your participation! Table As with any costbenefit analysis it is prudent to consider what the final results could be under different assumptions, a process known as sensitivity analysis. Move the tractor ahead slowly until the fifth wheel almost clears the trailer. If towing a trailer, a P plate must also be displayed on the back of the trailer. The Competent Authority must cancel an administrative determination if the person to whom the determination applies is prohibited by a court order from involvement in the transport of dangerous goods. The Plan may be held by a possession licensee or a transport licensee.

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We arrange the disposal of hazardous substances in an environmentally responsible way.

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